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Les Amis du Vieux Guérigny

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An exceptional industrial whole on a beautiful site

     The Forges of la Chaussade inherited a long metallurgic tradition and constitued on the XVIII century one of the most important manufacture of France. Developed by Pierre Babaud de la Chaussade (1706 - 1792), were bought by the State on 1781. Specialized on the fabrication for the Marine, the Forges proceeded their activity on the site of Villemenant until 1971.

     The buildings of the industrial site of the Vieux Guérigny were built on the XVIII and XIX century and registered on the additional inventory of the Historical Monuments are the goal of important restoration works, conducted by the town of Guérigny and by Les Amis du Vieux Guérigny Association.

     Founded on 1975, this association intend to preserve from the ruins the industrial buildings loaded with history and having an undeniable architectural interest and at the same time to do a particular homage to the skilled iron and fire workmen, who during two centuries worked in Guérigny for the Marine.

     The association gathered carefully a collection of old documents, tools, fabrication ‘specimen for the Marine and photographic reproductions. Exhibitions relative to industrial archaeology are organized with a different theme each year.

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